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Announcing a new, simple, proven, step-by-step marketing program that will grow your practice like wildfire...
"Discover How To Use The Insider Secrets Of Marketing Geniuses To Attract More, Higher Quality Patients, Make More Money, and Have the Practice of Your Dreams . . . Quickly, Professionally, Easily, and Ethically WITHOUT Spending a Small Fortune

And This Includes 'Turn-Key,' Tested, Proven, Newspaper Advertisements, Yellow Page Advertisements, Reactivation Letters and Systems, Referral Generating Letters and Strategies, MD Referral Generating Systems, Follow-Up Letters, Direct Mail Letters, Press Releases, New Mover Letters, Attorney Referral Generating Letter and Strategies, Val-Pak Inserts, Work-Comp Marketing Material, and Much More That Will Generate More Patients For You Than Ever Before . . .
100% Guaranteed!"
Dear Doctor,

    What do you want?

    Do you want more patients?  Do you want to get them WITHOUT working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week?  WITHOUT spending a small fortune?  And do you want all this WHILE being 100% ethical and professional?

Well, This Is Exactly What This Letter Is All About!

    Look, it's no secret that chiropractors are working more hours than ever before, while barely making enough to pay their bills.

    I bet when you were in school, you never imagined how much stress you would have to endure just to be able to give people the gift of chiropractic, while making a decent living.

So What's The Problem?

    The problem is simple.  Times have changed, and what worked yesterday just isn't cutting it any more.  But instead of adapting to the change, and changing their marketing strategies, most chiropractors are sent out into the world with the same rehash of the same marketing strategies that are just not working anymore.

Is There Hope?

    That's what this letter is all about, using marketing strategies that have been tested and proven to work today, not just yesterday.

    And that's where I come in . . . my name is George Youssef.

    I'm the publisher of the Chiropractic Marketing Newsletter.  Perhaps you've read one of my articles in Dynamic Chiropractic, Chiropractic Economics, or another chiropractic publication.

    I've been helping chiropractors, just like you, grow their practices like wildfire using simple, tested, marketing strategies that have been proven to work in the marketplace.

    Look, when I first got started in marketing, I didn't have an MBA from Harvard Business School.  What I did have was a passion to learn all that I could about marketing.

    Years later, and over $300,000 spent on trials-and-errors, I now know that it takes to skyrocket any business, but especially a chiropractic clinic, right out of the stratosphere.

    You see, now you can benefit from my "in the trenches" experience.  I've just released a complete marketing program exclusively for chiropractors who truly want to have the practice of their dreams.

    This marketing program comes with an easy to read 240-page manual full of strategies, 70 different advertisements, direct mail letters, and press releases, 2 videos recorded live showing how to implement the marketing materials, and 3 audio CDs overflowing with marketing strategies that will generate more patients, more referrals, and more profits.

    But not only will you be getting the absolute best, most-profitable marketing strategies around - you'll also get tested, successful yellow page ads, direct mail letters, referral generating letters, reactivation letters and newspaper ads, MD referral generating letters, attorney referral generating letters, and more that you can use immediately to get more patients.

    I know, I know.  You've tried advertising before, and it didn't work.  But you know what?  There's a reason for that.

90% Of All Ads Used By Chiropractors Are a Complete Waste of Money . . .

    . . . and couldn't sell water to a dying man in a desert.  You're better off getting that money, tearing it up, and throwing it in the furnace to keep you warm.  At least this way, it can go to a better use.

Don't Despair Though

    The ads that are included with this marketing program are like nothing you've ever seen before.  These ads have one purpose, and one purpose only, and that is to get you as many new, quality patients as possible.

    In fact, most advertisements and promotional pieces are designed to entertain, or just to look "cute."  What a waste of money!

    A good advertisement does one thing - and that is produce results.  Period.

    The ads and direct mail letters included in this program don't have glossy four-color pictures, or any of that nonsense.  These promotional pieces arouse curiosity, hit home with benefit after benefit, build urgency, and get the reader to pick up the phone and call for an appointment!

    At first, many doctors shrugged these promotional pieces off.  They couldn't believe that ads like the ones I created could actually work . . . that is until they gave them a try!

Boy Were They Surprised!

    The results they got were better than they had imagined.  The reason?  The promotional material I created were personal, benefit-oriented, and emotional - not only logical.

But There Was Something Else . . .

    These advertisements combined all my years of experience, and they had that little something that made them almost alive - they worked!

    In fact, here's a partial list of promotional material that come with this marketing program...

  • Reactivation Letters (These letters will draw back inactive patients like ants to sugar, PLUS in addition to two letters designed to reactivate past patients, you'll also find a complete system to reactivate future patients as they become inactive!)

  • MD Referral Generating Letters (Are you looking to generate referrals from medical doctors in your community?  Well, these letters do just that!)

  • Referral Generating Letters (I'm sure you're already aware that referred patients are the best patients.  Now you can use these letters to get your current patients to refer others to you like never before!)

  • New Patient Acquisition Letters (Direct mail can be an excellent way of getting new patients - but only if you have effective direct mail letters to use.)

  • New Movers Acquisition Letters (Every day new people are moving to your community - and many of them are looking to start out on the right foot and improve their health.  Are you properly marketing to them?)

  • Endorsement Generating Letters (Endorsement marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies around.  These letters will help you setup an endorsement deal with another business.)

  • Endorsement Letters (Once you arrange an endorsement deal, you'll have to contact the endorser's customers.  These letters will leverage the relationship of the endorser, and get you more patients than you thought possible!)

  • Grand Opening Press Release (Doing a grand opening?  Then use the opportunity to get publicity from your local media to make the grand opening a truly memorable [in number of new patients] event.)

  • Anniversary Press Release (Celebrating an anniversary of your clinic?  Take advantage of the opportunity to get FREE publicity, and get more new patients!)

  • New Study Press Release (New research into chiropractic is done all the time.  Find out how to use these new studies to get new patients, without costing you anything at all!)

  • Fliers (Most fliers I've seen are absolutely useless - but not these fliers.  Powerful and "in-your-face," they'll help you get more new patients)

  • Newspaper Ads (You'll find newspaper ads in several sizes, plus ways to ensure that they are successful!)

  • Yellow Page Ads (Do yellow page ads work?  Absolutely, just not 99% of the yellow page ads currently used.  You'll find ads that will make the yellow pages work for you, instead of just being a money-drainer.)

  • Val-Pak Inserts (Val-Pak inserts are used by chiropractors all around the country.  I've put together Val-Pak inserts that will separate you from the crowd and get new patients to call!)

  • Work-Comp Marketing Material (Here's a powerful advertisement and press release that will fill your practice with work-comp patients.)

  • Holiday Letters (The holidays are a VERY powerful time to not only generate new patients, but also to cement your relationship with current patients.  And these letters do all the work for you!)

  • And Much, MUCH More . . .

    Believe me, these promotional pieces are like nothing you've ever seen before!  Forget all that management companies have been preaching about advertisements - it doesn't work!

    The advertisements and direct mail letters in this special collection were designed for one purpose - to get you patients.  Period.

But You Want to Know What's Even More Amazing?  The Price!

    Look, for marketing strategies like these, and proven ads, letters, and marketing pieces that you can customize and use for your own practice, without paying any royalties, you might expect to pay thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars (I'm sure you know others that charge this much while delivering much less).  But you won't have to pay anywhere close to this.

    In fact, the price for this complete, step-by-step, 'turn-key' proven marketing program is only $1,340.95.

    Guess what though, you won't even have to pay that low price.  If you order within the next 72 hours, you will get a $543.95 discount.  So your investment is only $797 plus $24.50 shipping and if cash-flow is a bit tight right now, you can break the payments over three months.  Or if you want to save even more money then just pay in full and shipping is FREE... read the
order form for more info!

    Look at it this way.  Within this program is pretty much every strategy, ever letter, every system, and every idea that you will ever need to build your practice.  And the bottom line is that only 1 new patient will recoup your investment.

    And when you look at it this way.  When you see the potential of generating hundreds of patients for years to come with the purchase of this one program, doesn't it make sense as a sound investment?

    But before we go any further, I want to show you what a few other doctors have said about the material inside this rock-solid marketing course:

    "You could spend thousands of dollars and thousand of hours learning the info which is contained in George's material. Or you can pay him a few buck and use the time and money you saved obtaining patients that will be paying you! The term no-brainer comes to mind!!!"
      George W. Kukurin, D.C. DACAN
      Kukurin Family Chiropractic
      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    "When I first started my practice I ran a coupon with Val Pak that produced me results that were astounding. I continued to run the ad but as the years passed, results began to diminish.  Originally I would run the coupon and get a response of 15-20 patients per 10,000 mailed out.  I have not since run an ad that has had that great of a response until I used information from George Youssef. With information obtained from his marketing course, I recently ran an ad in a local community paper (6000 copies per print). Almost every patient I had for the month of December came from that ad. I got 15 new patients from that ad alone. I have also used the same ad format in several different ways and have seen similar response.  Thank you George for your very valuable marketing information."
      Shelley West, D.C.
      West Chiropractic
      Norcross, Georgia

    "I have been with several management firms and have ordered all kinds of chiropractic marketing materials, and your materials are some of the best I've seen. My wife looked over your letters and said that she thought they were the best she could relate to as a 'patient'."
      Jay Strauss, D.C.
      Strauss Chiropractic Center
      Howell, New Jersey

    "George is really one of the nicest guys I have ever met...  And, he really knows marketing. If you know anything about me, you know that I tell it like it is. Don't get me wrong, there are other great marketers out there, but George actually prides himself on helping DCs with their marketing. He is always willing to help - all you have to do is call. You don't have to jump through hoops to get to him, he is totally down to earth, and most of all - he likes to help DCs succeed."
      Len Schwartz, D.C.
      ChiroPower LLC
      South Hampton, Pennsylvania

    "Dear George, thanks for the info. I can honestly say that the marketing materials I purchased from you are dynamite! I have read many books on marketing over the years, and I must say that your advice on marketing is accurate, timely and most of all practical! I wish you the best on your endeavors!"
      Carlos Castellanos, D.C.
      Oldsmar, Florida

    "Thank you for your help. I have been using your marketing strategies and that is helping me in getting more patients for our teaching clinic as well as for my private practice."
      Jorge Esteves, BSc D.O.
      Oxford School of Osteopathy
      Oxford, United Kingdom

    "Anytime I have ever needed anything I was always able to call and speak to you direct.  You and your staff are very friendly and nice people.  God bless you and I look forward to you helping my practice grow in the future. "
      John Kiriakatis, D.C.
      Salem Chiropractic Center
      Union, New Jersey

    And this is only a sample of what other doctors are saying about the insider information that will soon be at your fingertips!

    Now please understand:  This is not information you'll find in all the other practice building books or seminars that are out there in the "main stream."  And you definitely won't even find this information in the curriculum of the top chiropractic, or even business, schools in this country!

    You'll be learning my deepest secrets about how to double, triple, or quadruple your practice without spending tons of money or working 12 - 16 hours a day.  Here's just a small sample of what you'll discover and learn from this marketing program...

  • Get anywhere from 2 - 7 times the amount of referrals from your current patients that you're getting now (and your patients will be lining up to give you these referrals!)

  • How to generate referrals from medical doctors (find out how to get 25-50 new patients a month from your local MDs!)

  • The 3 basic ways to grow any practice (and you'll learn how to use each one like it was magic)

  • How to put on your "Macroscopic Lens" and grow your practice by leaps and bounds by seeing the "big picture"  (this alone will set you aside from all other chiropractors)

  • Create yellow page ads that produce at least three times the current revenue (it's amazing that less than 0.01% of chiropractors are using this technique!)

  • The tips, tricks, and techniques that make advertisements work like a dream  (and yes, this does go against the current dogma that most management companies preach)

  • Tap your in-house patient list to generate more profits in the next 30 days than you ever thought possible (if you are not consistently marketing to your customer list, you're walking away from a virtual goldmine)

  • Revive inactive patients like never before (if a good amount of patients have left your practice, don't worry - there are techniques to bring them back!)

  • Set up an ongoing system for reactivating future patients (the bottom line is that given enough time virtually every patient will become inactive.  Well, here's an ongoing system for reactivating those patients as they become inactive - and it only requires a couple of hours per month to implement!)

  • Use modern methods of marketing to get new patients by the bushel (less than 1% of chiropractors are using the Internet to properly market their practice, and of those less than 5% are using the Internet to its full potential and getting new patients on a daily basis)

  • Little known ways of giving talks that generate an onslaught of new patients (and how to line up these talks with some of the biggest listener turnouts you've ever seen, almost automatically!)

  • Get all the attorney referrals you can handle (the truth is that getting attorneys to refer patients to you is not that difficult - IF you know this information!)

  • How to focus in on your ideal patient with a "marketing rifle cross-hair" and getting more of these patients than ever before (it'll seem like shooting fish in a barrel - with a rocket launcher!)

  • Developing a year-long marketing plan (can you imagine how more effective and predictable your marketing would be if you had a marketing plan for the entire year?  Well now you do!)

  • The impact of HIPAA in marketing (let's face it, with HIPAA the rules have changed.  If you don't know what you're doing, you can easily find yourself in a minefield of misinformation.  We'll go over how to ensure HIPAA compliance with your marketing)

  • And Much, MUCH More . . .

"This Complete Chiropractic Marketing Program Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before On Growing Your Practice And Getting The Patients You Want!"

    My approach to building a practice, and keeping and retaining patients is completely different than anything you've ever read, seen, or heard before - and what's more, I am absolutely convinced that anybody can have the practice of their dreams, once they learn what it really takes to grow a practice.

    This marketing program is your complete "encyclopedia tour guide" to everything that has to do with marketing and growing your practice.

It's All Laid Out For You in Precise, Step-By-Step, Easy to Understand Detail

Here's what you get with the Complete Chiropractic Marketing Program:

  • The Chiropractic Marketing Course 3-ring binder manual -  65 easy to read chapters (240 pages) of power-packed information that reveals, step-by-step everything that you were never taught about marketing, getting patients, and making the income that you deserve.

  • 70 direct mail letters, advertisements, scripts, and press releases - These promotional pieces are designed to be completely 'turn-key' and boost your practice.  In fact, here is a complete list and quantity of each type of promotional pieces...

    8 Internet Marketing E-Mails
  • 6 Reactivation Letters
    5 MD Referral Generating Letters
  • 5 Holiday Letters and Certificates
    3 Newspaper Ads
  • 3 Yellow Page Ads
    3 New Movers Letters
  • 3 Referral Generating Letters
    2 Cold New Patient Letters
  • 2 Endorsement Generating Letters
    2 Endorsement Letters
  • 2 Talk Generating Letters
    2 Screening Follow Up Letters
  • 2 Additional Clinic Opening Letters
    2 Val-Pak Inserts
  • 2 Research Press Releases
    1 Referral Generating Sign
  • 1 Grand Opening Press Release
    1 Anniversary Press Release
  • 1 Anniversary Letter to Current Patients
    1 Anniversary Letter to Non-Patients
  • 1 Grand Opening Letter to Non-Patients
    1 Patient Appreciation Day Letter
  • 1 Talk Follow Up Letter
    1 Testimonial Release Form
  • 1 Carpal Tunnel Open House Ad
    1 Seminar Generating Ad
  • 1 Surface EMG Ad
    1 Work-Comp Generating Ad
  • 1 Work-Comp Generating Press Release
    1 Food Drive Press Release
  • 1 Reactivation Phone Script
    1 Moving to New Location Letter
  • 1 Attorney Referral Generating Letter

  • Three hours of audio on CDs highlighting the most important points of the program and how you can get the most out of it - starting today!  Plus more details on how to take your practice into "overdrive" and turn your practice into a patient-generating perpetual-marketing machine.

And if you order this Complete Chiropractic Marketing Program within 72 hours, you will get these HUGE FREE BONUSES worth $4,152.48!

FREE Bonus #1: All the Advertisements and Direct Mail Letters on CD-ROM - One thing I learned about chiropractors is that they love turnkey operations that require virtually no work on their part.  So in addition to coming on a hard copy (printed), all the ads, direct mail letters, press releases, etc. also come on a Windows and Mac compatible CD-ROM.

    So you can look at the printed copy to see what the final product looks like, and within 5 minutes you can load up your word-processor and make a few minor changes to the ads (your name, address, phone number, etc.), take the ad to your newspaper or print out the direct mail letter, and you're ready to rock-and-roll. ($298 Value)

FREE Bonus #2: One Year Subscription To The Chiropractic Marketing Newsletter - For the next full year, I'll be sending you a new biweekly issue of the Chiropractic Marketing Newsletter by email absolutely FREE!

    No other marketing newsletter out there even compares with what you'll find waiting for you in each issue.  Just read what one subscriber has to say about it:

    "George, Yes! I love the newsletter.  We had a staff meeting this morning on the free vs fee exam [one of the insider secrets you'll learn]. Even the difference between a $25 or $49 offer for services which normally cost $200. I print most of the e-mail out and paste it on my marketing board. Thanks again."
      Kenneth J. Vinton, D.C.
      Grove City, Pennsylvania

    Every single issue will be filled with new, patient-generating strategies that will skyrocket your practice.  Every time I learn something new, find out a new strategy, or discover a new marketing tactic, you'll hear about it in this newsletter.  You get a total of 26 FREE issues of the Chiropractic Marketing Newsletter. ($448 Value)

FREE Bonus #3: Special Advertisements and Direct Mail Letter Report - Each of the 70 advertisements, direct mail letters, and press releases come with a detailed one page "what to do and what not to do" report.  So you'll have specific information on how to make each of the promotional pieces work at maximum efficiency. ($451 Value)

FREE Bonus #4: Three Ad Critique Certificates - Anytime you create your own advertisement or direct mail letter, you can just e-mail or fax it over to me, and I will go through it and make changes and recommendations to make it sing.  You'll get 3 of these certificates, and they can be used at any time ($225 Value)

FREE Bonus #5: Two, Twenty-Minute Phone Consultations - While I provide in this program everything you need to take your practice to the next level, I know that sometimes it can be a life-saver to talk to an expert.  That's why you also get two, twenty-minute phone consultations.  Anytime you have a question or need ideas, advice, or suggestions, you can use your consultation certificates and I'll help you out for FREE ($315 Value)

FREE Bonus #6: Two Complete Marketing Videos (Recorded Live) - Imagine over two hours of video - recorded LIVE - of me showing chiropractors just like you, how to build their practices quickly and easily.  You'll learn all the ins-and-outs of practice building, plus get to hear all the important questions they asked me! ($412 Value)

FREE Bonus #7: Best of the Chiropractic Marketing Newsletter on Audio CD - We've audio recorded a dozen of the best and most powerful editions of the Chiropractic Marketing Newsletter, and presented them on one loaded audio CD.  Each of these audio newsletters will blow you away with new ideas for building your practice ($219 Value)

FREE Bonus #8: How to Skyrocket Your Practice With an Online Newsletter Program - Get ready to use the Internet and an online newsletter to skyrocket your practice!  This complete program comes with a manual, audio CD, and computer disk with all the letters, e-mails, and tools you need to start using the Internet as your very own new-patient-generating machine! ($988 Value)

    And you know what, even though I'm offering you all this for a "drop in the bucket" price, I want you to know that I stand behind everything that I teach.  In fact . . .

You Get a No-Risk, 45 Day, 100% Money-Back, TEN TIMES Guarantee!!!

    Try the Complete Chiropractic Marketing Program for the next 45 days.  If, after you put my proven strategies to the test and try them for 45 days, you find that the Complete Chiropractic Marketing Program hasn't brought in at least TEN TIMES WHAT YOU PAID FOR IT, simply return it for a complete no-hassle refund.  And the $4,152.48 in FREE Bonuses are yours to keep even if you do get your money back!

If You Want To Get In On This Limited
Opportunity - You Need To Act Now!

    As you already know, the FREE bonuses valued at $4,152.48 and the special discount are included only if you order within the next 72 hours.  So if you're serious about growing your practice, and getting more patients, you can't wait.  You need to take immediate action.

    It's easy to do.  Right now, while it's fresh in your mind,
fill out the online order form or pick up the phone and call me at 1-800-250-2655 and place your order.  Even your call is free!  Or fill out the enclosed Order Form and Fax it to 1-805-815-4997, or mail it in.

    You can use your VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card.  We can even take your personal or company check by fax. 

    Don't put this off . . . you're worth it.

    All the patients you're looking for are just around the corner.  Soon you can have them in your clinic.  So
order now.


        George A. Youssef
        President, Chiropractic Marketing Success

P.S.  If you truly want to grow your practice, and get the patients you want, WITHOUT spending every penny you have, or working yourself to the bone, then you've got to call and order the Complete Chiropractic Marketing Program NOW.  Right now,
click here or pick up the phone and call me at 1-800-250-2655.

P.P.S.  Don't forget, you must order within the next 72 hours if you want to receive the $543.95 discount, and the $4,152.48 in FREE Bonuses. . . but you only have 72 hours to act, so
order now!
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