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Announcing a powerful, new "one-on-one" coaching program created to turn your practice into a cash-generating patient-serving perpetual money machine . . .

"How To Skyrocket Your Practice, And Make More Profit In the Next Few Months Than In The Whole Previous Year..."

Dear Friend,

    Right now it's 2:30 a.m. and I can't sleep.  No, I don't have insomnia - I just can't believe the opportunities and techniques most Chiropractors have at their disposal to dramatically increase the amount of patients they have and to make more bottom-line profits than ever before.  Unfortunately, only 5% of these Chiropractors ever use half of these opportunities.

    Let me explain.  My name is George Youssef, and no, I am not a Chiropractor.  For the past several years I have been a marketing consultant for both "mom and pop" and large businesses.

    When I first got into marketing, I didn't have an MBA from Harvard Business School. What I did have was a passion to learn all I could about marketing, and a willingness to work my butt off in the process.

    Anyway, years and thousands of trial-and-errors later, I had in my grasp the ability to take a business, and develop a marketing strategy for it that was so powerful, doubling, tripling, or quadrupling the profits was not uncommon!

    Now, as for Chiropractors, most have formed one of two widely different opinions on marketing and what it means to their practices . .

1)  Marketing is useless!  It is a waste of money and, more importantly, a waste of time.  The only way to make money is by getting referrals from current patients - any other type of marketing is completely bogus.  OR

2)  Marketing is the magic pill that will make more money for my practice than I could ever dream.  All I have to do is figure out the hidden and secret magic formula of marketing and all my problems are solved . . .

    Which one do you currently believe?  Number one or number two?

    Come on . . . be honest, I know that over 90% of Chiropractors think one way or another when they begin to read this letter . . .

    But by the end of this letter you will realize that . . .

Neither One Is True!

    I'm going to be honest with you.  Marketing is not some black magic, reserved only for a select few, those with the power of sorcery.  In fact . . .

Marketing is a Very Mundane and Highly Predictable Activity

    And that's great!  You see, by using proven and tested marketing strategies you can . . .

  •     Create yellow page ads that produce at least three times the current revenue (it's amazing that less than 0.01% of Chiropractors are using this technique!)

  •     Get anywhere from 2 - 7 times the amount of referrals from your current patients that you're getting now (and your patients will be lining up to give you these referrals!)

  •     Get started marketing your practice with low budget (or no budget) techniques (even if you don't have a huge marketing budget, you can still get the results of the "big boys")

  •     Create postcards, sales letters, and ads that pull in 1,000% the response that other Chiropractors are getting (most advertisements currently used by Chiropractors are a "marketing sin" and an absolute waste of money!)

  •     Tap your in-house patient list to generate more profits in the next 30 days than you ever thought possible (if you are not consistently marketing to your customer list, you're walking away from a virtual goldmine)

  •     Use modern methods of marketing to get new patients by the bushel (less than 1% of Chiropractors are using the Internet to properly market their practice, and of those less than 5% are using the Internet to its full potential and getting new patients on a daily basis)

  •     Revive inactive patients like never before (if a good amount of patients have left your practice, don't worry - there are techniques to bring them back!)

    If you are looking for help with your finances, philosophy, or adjustment techniques (all of which I consider to be important elements) I recommend you find someone who specializes in these fields.  I'm not going to waste your money or your time giving you advice on subjects in which I am not not an expert.  However . . .

When it Comes to Marketing and Getting New Patients, I Know My Stuff!

    And that's what I teach.  It is possible for any Chiropractor with an ounce of ambition to make tons of money and get more patients that they can handle, if you know what you are doing.

    I have talked to many business owners, not just Chiropractors, and they tell me they bought so and so's course, but they can't get these techniques to work for them.  Too often these courses, which are made out to be the "Magic Pill to Marketing" end up being paper weights or fill up a trash can because it is next to impossible to reproduce the same results as what the "Master" received.  The techniques just don't work for the "average" Chiropractor . . .

Chiropractic Marketing and Practice Building is a Desert of Mis-Information

    It never ceases to amaze me how so many Chiropractors go around saying this is the secret, or that is the secret of getting truck loads of patients.

    In fact most of what they preach is worthless, and hasn't worked in over ten years!

    It's true.  Most of the techniques being preached is a rehash of the same principals used 10, 20, or even 30 years ago . . .

And They Simply Don't Work Anymore!

    The times have changed, and what worked yesterday does not work today.  Likewise, what works today will not work tomorrow.

    The key to getting so much patients that you'll be forced to put them on a waiting list is using techniques that have been proven to stand the test of time while incorporating cutting-edge strategies that will leave the competition in the dust.

    Some of the things you will learn include:

  •     How to have your patients do what you tell them, without questioning your expertise or the effectiveness of Chiropractic (there goes 90% of your objections!)

  •     How to price your services right so as to get as many patients and make as much profits as possible (I'm not talking about highway robbery here, but at the same time you can be killing your practice by trying to compete on price)

  •     Proven ways to write a KILLER Press Release that will get you more publicity that you can handle (and tested techniques for maximizing new patients from this publicity)

  •     Little known ways of giving talks that generate an onslaught of new patients (and how to line up these talks with some of the biggest listener turnouts you've ever seen, almost automatically!)

  •     How to focus in on your ideal patient with a "marketing rifle cross-hair" and getting more of these patients than ever before (it'll seem like shooting fish in a barrel - with a rocket launcher!)

    If you are intrigued and excited by the points I mentioned above, and are serious about skyrocketing the profits from your practice, fill out the
Chiropractic Marketing Success Coaching Program Application immediately.

    This is a special coaching program that will give you direct access to me and more importantly, my proven profit-generating tools and techniques.

    To keep you on track as you implement the marketing strategies I develop with you, you'll have a one-on-one appointment with me every week.

    You and I will plan, set goals, and develop a step by step action plan for you to follow . . . and because I'll be waiting to hear results when you call me, you'll hold yourself accountable for taking actions than you've probably ever done before!

    You'll be motivated to action just because you'll have someone consistently on your back.  I'm going to make you get your butt in gear and your practice grow like wildfire!

    And quite frankly, once your coaching program is done with me, you'll feel like it was the best investment you've ever make in yourself and your practice!!!

There is a Catch Though!

    I only want to you to become a member if you will take action on my advice.  If you don't take action, you won't get the results and both of our time would have been wasted.

    People tend to be lazy once they get into their comfort zone.  In fact, I bet you would be shocked at how many Chiropractors buy every piece of information, and spend thousands of dollars on seminars, videos, consulting services, and never do anything with it!

    But if you're willing to learn AND to take action . . . this will be one of the most profit-generating life-changing experiences you will ever have!

    That's why I want "doers" not "whiners."  "Doers" take action.  "Whiners" always make excuses why it won't work.  For this reason you have to qualify for the Chiropractic Marketing Success Coaching Program.

    And to ensure that I only get the cream-of-the-crop, I've decided that there will be NO REFUNDS for this program. I KNOW that what I have to show you will work - because it's worked for countless other Chiropractors. But I also know that the only way these ideas, systems, strategies, and materials will work, is if the doctor uses and implements them. And in order to ensure this, we're going to have to have a NO REFUND policy.

    Now, don't worry... you're probably thinking "What if it's not for me?" Well, we can work with you on that - my intention is not to lock anyone into something that's not appropriate for them, but rather attract only those Chiropractors that are serious about truly growing their practice. More on that later...

    But for those of you who do qualify to get in, I'll be there to help you solve any marketing problem you have.  You will receive personalized feedback and specific advice to help you skyrocket your practice!

    You'll never be left wondering what works and what doesn't.  All the answers and powerful strategies you need are only a phone call away.

    Every time you get on the phone with me, I'm going to sit down with you as if you were the only person on the planet, and work to skyrocket your practice!

    Now, let's take a look at the components of the Chiropractic Marketing Success Coaching Program:

Chiropractic Marketing Success Coaching Program Component #1

"Three Months of Weekly 30-Minute, One-on-One Coaching Sessions"

    This coaching program revolves around a scheduled, one-on-one personal, 30 Minute "Coaching Sessions" every week.  Every second of your Coaching Session will be spent with me, personally . . . just you and me.

    You and I will discuss your practice, your goals, your challenges, and your opportunities.  I'll provide you with valuable techniques, resources, and ideas.  You'll have my complete and undivided attention during our 30 minutes together every week for 12 weeks!

Chiropractic Marketing Success Coaching Program Component #2

"Three More Months of Biweekly 30-Minute, One-on-One Coaching Sessions"

    The first three months for you on this program are the most important.  That is the time when you will have to really bust your butt to get your act together.  But once you get through that "boot-camp", everything will be downhill!

    But three months is not enough for you to have mastered all the practice-building, profit-generating techniques you need to truly skyrocket your business.  Not to fear, though.  I've already thought of that, and that's why the second component of this special coaching program is three more months of biweekly 30-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions!

Chiropractic Marketing Success Coaching Program Component #3

"Six Months of Monthly 30-Minute, One-on-One Coaching Sessions"

    Once your first six months are completed, you will have already acquired most of the time-tested know-how you need to get more patients than you ever thought possible.

    But knowledge isn't enough.  You must follow through with what we've discussed and planned out.  So once a month I'm going to check up on you to make sure everything is going according to plan, and if we notice any deviation I'll help you get back on track.  This way you can be sure that you will get the patient volume, and make the income, you've always dreamed of!

  Chiropractic Marketing Success Coaching Program Component #4

"Unlimited Ongoing Coaching and Consulting

    In addition to our weekly individual, one-on-one Coaching Session, you will have unlimited access to me by either phone or email.  Within 24 hours of posing a question for me, I guarantee I will contact you with a response!

Chiropractic Marketing Success Coaching Program Component #5

"Full Year Customized Marketing Plan"

    By the third month of this program, we will have worked together to design a fully-customized marketing plan for your office. Using this marketing plan, you will have a completely laid out plan for the entire year created specifically for your own unique practice. This way you will simply follow (or have one of your staff members follow) your customized marketing plan, and you just keep track of results!

The 12 Months Chiropractic Marketing Success Coaching Program Membership is an Investment in You & Your Practice

    There are two ways to invest in your 12 Months Membership

1)  A one-time up-front investment of $12,936 OR

2)  12 monthly investments of $1,192, billed to your credit card - total investment of $14,304 (I'm willing to let you spread payment out over the course of a year . . . pay for the program out of your increased profits!)

    Again, this is an investment, not an expense.  An investment that will bring back several times the money you spend on it.

    Plus, if during the first 45 days you don't feel this program is working - you can cancel your membership at that point.  I don't want you to stick around in the program if you're not comfortable with it.  (Also, if I don't feel you're doing your part, I want to be able to have the option of letting you go).

Now, here's how to tell if you can qualify . . .

Do You Qualify?

    There are certain conditions to qualifying for membership.  But you'll agree that every condition is quite reasonable.

1)  You've got to act fast.  For the time being I can only take on 50 Chiropractors.  I've got the schedule laid out and I can't take more Chiropractors than this, so I can only limit this program to 50 people (Sorry, but even if you are the 51st Chiropractor, and you offer me quadruple the price, I still can't take you).

    It's all done on a first come - first served basis.  However, I will be keeping a waiting list (but do you really want to wait another year?)

2)  While I do want you to call me and e-mail anytime you have a marketing or business questions . . . I do expect you to have a reason - marketing question, business concern, or advice - but you can't call me to just shoot the breeze.  I don't mean to be rude, but there are only so many hours in a single day, and I have to be able to provide all my members the marketing advice they paid for.  Fair enough?

3)  You can't call me on my "800" line.  That's reserved for order taking.  You pay for the call, and I will do everything I can to help you with your marketing.

4)  I have the right to deny your application after our first interview.  When you send or fax in your application, I will contact you so we can get to know each other.  If after talking to you I don't feel that I will be able to help you, then I will return your check or not charge your credit card.  The worst thing that can happen would be for me to take your money and not be able to give you more than what you paid for.

    To help you decide whether the Chiropractic Marketing Success Coaching Program is right for you, here are 4 questions to think about before you send in the application.

1)  Can you accept constructive criticism, even if it hurts sometimes?  If you can, then we will get along well.  It doesn't do either of us any good to have me patronize you, when you can be achieving REAL success by me being straight to the point.

2)  I will not accept you as a member if you are not sincere in delivering the absolute best Chiropractic care to your patients.

3 )  Are you hungry to succeed, and are you willing to work hard for it?  The techniques I'm going to share with you have been proven to work, but they are not going to work if you don't put in the effort to implement them.

4 )  Do you have a sense of humor, like to set and reach goals, and have fun?  I work hard, but that doesn't mean that I take life too seriously. The best way to reach your goals is by having fun getting there.

    While I do want you to give this some serious thought, you can't procrastinate too long because . . .

I Can Only Accept 50 Coaching Members

    I expect every one of those memberships to be snatched up very quickly by Chiropractors just like you who want to see their profits go through the ceiling!

    Right now, fill out the application and send it in.  Or if you want to talk to me personally first, give my office a call at 1-800-250-2655 and we'll see if this program is for you.  If for some reason I'm not there, leave me a message and the best time for me to reach you and I'll return your call within 24 hours.

    Just don't forget, if you really think that this program is right for you, and you are ready to launch your profits out of the stratosphere, then you have to send in your application now, because I can only take 50 Members.


            George A. Youssef
            President and Coach

P.S.  I am a firm believer that you should give before you receive.  That's why I want you to go to the
FREE Marketing Help section.  You'll find more practice-building profit-generating tips and strategies for FREE than others charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for.  You can even subscribe to our FREE bi-weekly newsletter filled to the brim with cutting-edge marketing tactic and techniques.  All this is FREE, just to give you a sneak peek at the possibilities of having me be your personal coach.

P.P.S.  If you don't fill out your
application in time to be one of the first 50, I will be keeping a waiting list, so you still can become a member the next time around (but do you really want to wait a whole year to get serious about your practice?) 

P.P.P.S.  If you qualify and fill out the application, I will immediately send you the complete registration package.  This package has the guidelines for the program and a complete questionnaire to fill out so I can learn more about your practice and to help me custom design marketing strategies for your particular practice!
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