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    This page contains links to different Chiropractic resources on the Internet.  As we find more resources of benefit to you and other Chiropractors, we will add them to this page.

    If you know of any resources which you think would be of benefit to other Chiropractors, send us an email to and we will look into it.  Thanks for your help!

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Michigan Chiropractic Associations  If you're a Michigan doctor, then take a look at this web site.  Provides lots of useful information for chiropractors practicing in that state.


ChiroList  This is an unmoderated discussion list with about 300 members right now, and they talk about anything that has to do with chiropractic (and a few things that have absolutely nothing to do with anything).  Great source for you to ask questions to, and to become a contributor.  Once you join up, expect your email box to overflood on a regular basis.

ChiroView Presents  Sent weekly for members, and monthly for nonmembers, this emailed newsletter is definitely one to subscribe to.  Creator, Sigmund Miller, shares his insights on malpractice, narrative reporting, using outcome measures,  CPS coding and modifiers, and a heck of a lot more.

Today's Chiropractic Online Newsletter  An online newsletter by the editors of Today's Chiropractic.  Each issue is sent weekly, and provides links to many resources of interest to chiropractors on the internet.

Marketing and Promotions

ChiroClips  Tons of chiropractic clip art that you can copy and paste to any word processing or page layout program.  Definitely useful when you're designing newsletters or flyers.

Do Write Publishing  Home of the "The Businesss of Chiropractic - How To Prosper After Startup" desk reference.  You'll find many useful and practical tips to help you with the business aspect of chiropractic.  They also have a free newsletter you can subscribe to.


Clinic Pro  Very useful software for managing your practice.  Allows you to do scheduling, billing, electronic claims filing, mail-merge promotional material, SOAP notes, and just about anything else you might want or need.

Supplies & Equipment

ChiroStore Just about any product that has to do with chiropractic can be found here.  From books to equipment to patient education material . . . and a heck of a lot more.  This X-Ray film supplier does business exclusively on the Internet.  Supposed to be really price competitive because of that.

Great Lakes Imaging  This company specializes in X-Ray systems and supplies, but also sells adjusting tables. 

Scrip Chiropractic Supplies and Equipment  One of the largest carriers of chiropractic products and supplies.  You'll find nutritional products, adjusting tables, and orthotics . . . just to name a few categories.


Sidmar  Offers high quality dry hydrotherapy massage tables.  If you're looking into adding massage to your practice, but don't want to hire a massage therapist, take a look at their automated tables.  From what I understand, their products really improve patients satisfaction and compliance.  They also have a trial program, so you can put their tables to the test first.

Web Site Design  An impressive site and an even more impressive price! For a low annual fee this service will create for you a web site with over 100 pages. The site is designed to attract people of all over and allow them to easily find your web page by typing in a key city. They also have an e-commerce site at where you can get chiropractic books and supplies.  This site is run by a chiropractic student who designs custom made websites on the side.  Don't know the price he charges, but I can vouch for his graphic abilities (he's the one who designed the Chiropractic Marketing Success Logo on the main page).  Talk about impressive.  For a relatively low monthly and set-up fee, this service will create for you a website with over 400 pages!  Most of the site is prefabricated. You just provide a few pieces of information, and they'll have your site up and running.  For a very low fee, this service will design you a simple, yet effective website.  In addition, they have a directory service in which you can list your practice.  From what I understand, they get a pretty good amount of people off the net searching for chiropractors.  One of the newer chiropractic web designers, this service even gives you a thirty day free trial so you can put their services to the test before you pay anything.  They are also working on new services to help chiropractors use their website as a patient-acquisition tool.

Now You Know  This service is run by the chairman of the ICA.  For a monthly fee and low set-up fee, they'll set you up with a pretty in-depth website.  Another service they offer (which I really like) is a monthly emailed newsletter that they will send out to your patients.

Other Resources

The Chiropractic Page  Man, talk about links!  This site has what must amount to be well over a hundred of links to just about anything that has to do with chiropractic.

The Chiropractic Resource Organization  This site is run by different chiropractors who volunteer to run a portion of the site, with the goal being for chiropractors to help each other.  Definitely a site to check out.  You'll find tons of resources and tools to help you out, or at least to keep you entertained and busy.
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