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Grow Your Practice With Multi-Step Marketing
    You might want to read this article twice, because I see a lot of doctors who aren't following this strategy, and it is one of the most effective strategies around.

    Let's start from the beginning.  What is multi-step marketing?  Multi-step marketing is a marketing program consisting of several communications with a prospect.

    Here's what most chiropractors do.  They run an ad for a free exam, or they do a screening, and a prospective patient comes in for the exam or screening, but doesn't sign up.  At this point 80% of all chiropractors drop the prospect right there and then.  They assume that since the prospective patient didn't become an active patient that he has no interest of ever becoming a paying patient.

    From the remaining 20% of chiropractors, about 19% mail to the prospect once or twice, and finding that the prospect doesn't become a patient, they stop contacting him.

    This means that only 1% of doctors are using multi-step marketing correctly.

    Let me share a study with you.  According to a study performed by "Sales and Marketing" magazine, 80% of people who request information from a company end up getting the product or service that they requested information about, within one year, but not from the company that they originally requested the information from.  Do you know why?  Because the company didn't follow up, or gave up on the prospect too soon.

    When you give a screening, or when a prospect goes to you for an exam, or requests more information from you, that means that he is interested.  Most people will not do any of these unless they have some sincere interest, or at least a curiosity, about what you have to offer.

    The problem at that point is that the prospect is not ready to become a patient.  This could be due to many reasons.  Maybe he doesn't feel comfortable with you yet, maybe he is worried about trying a new treatment, maybe he is low on funds, or there may a hundred other reasons why he would not immediately sign up as a patient.

    The majority of your patients will not become patients with you the first time they are introduced to you and your services.  Whenever you come across prospects who request more information from you (or come for an exam, or participate in a screening) they will fit into one of three categories.

    The first category is "hot."  These people want your services, and they want it now.  These represent a small portion of your prospective patients, but it is the percentage that 80% of chiropractors focus on.

    The second category is "cold."  These people will never become patients, and have absolutely no interest in your services.  These people also represent a small portion of your prospective patients.

    The third category is "warm."  These people are interested in your services, but will not become patients right away.  These are the majority of your patients, but it is also the majority that doctors tend to ignore.  You will need to continually be in contact with these prospects, and eventually many of them will become your patients.

    Since these prospective patients came to you, and "raised their hands" and stepped out from the crowd, you would be committing a marketing sin by not marketing to them again.  Remember the study above, 80% of people who request information end up getting the product, but not from the company that they requested the information from.

    This holds true with your patients.  If they came to you, then more than likely they will eventually get aid for the ailment that they came to you for.  Your goal here is to be in front of their faces when they are ready to become patients.

    How do you do this?  By systematically "bombarding" them.  For at least one year from the date that they first contacted you, or from your first communication with them, you must systematically be in correspondence with them.

    You can send them a letter once a month, or a newsletter, or information about chiropractic, or just about anything that is appropriate.  While having "killer" correspondence and sales letters will increase the conversion rate of prospects to patients, the goal is to send them something.  Point to remember: anything is better than nothing.

    So always collect the mailing information of prospects, and market to them for at least one year (minimum of 7 mailings during that year).  This one strategy, if used consistently, can easily double your practice within a year.
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