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Industrial Kit Video Sample
    If you're looking to fill your practice with work-comp patients, and create a perpetual source of these new patients, then the new Industrial Kit Work-Comp Program is what you've been looking for.

    This powerful program includes a video to be sent out to companies whom you would like to care for their hurt-on-the job employees.  Here you'll be able to preview the video, so you can see for yourself how powerful it is!

    This video program is in RealVideo format. If you don't have RealPlayer already installed,
Click Here to download it for FREE!

    You will also notice that there are two selections for the sample video, 56k/AOL and DSL/Cable/LAN. If you are connecting to the Internet via a dial-up modem, or through a service like America OnlineLine, choose the 56k/AOL option. On the other hand, if you have a high speed Internet connection, like DSL, Cable, LAN, or T-1, choose the DSL/Cable/LAN option for better video quality.

    All you have to do to watch this video is click on either the 56k/AOL or DSL/Cable/LAN option, and if you have RealPlayer installed, the video will begin after downloading.

    While previewing this video, there are two things to keep in the mind.  The first is that in the videos that come with the program, there will be no "This is a Sample" writing on the bottom of the video.  The second, is that the videos that come with the program will contain MUCH higher quality video and audio.

To watch the video, pick the appropriate connection:
56k/AOL  DSL/Cable/LAN

    For more information on how to use this program to acquire new
work-comp patients, click here.  And if you would like to place your order, just click here.
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