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A Fortune 500 Safety Director shows you how to get all the work-comp patients you can handle . . .
"Finally There is a System Available for Getting You Access to Thousands of New Potential Patients.  Imagine Having Companies Sending You Their Injured Employees on a Regular Basis - You'll Have a Perpetual Source of New Patients for Years to Come!"

Dear Chiropractor,

    Are you looking for ways to get into industry and take care of their hurt-on-the-job employees?  If you are, then I have some exciting news for you.  And if you never gave this source of new patients serious thought, then you definitely need to read this

    Recently I had the privilege of speaking with a former Safety Director for a Fortune 500 Company.

    This man has accomplished something which most safety directors and human resource managers could only dream of - achieving the record for his Fortune 500 company.  In fact, his record was one million - two hundred thousand man-hours without a lost time injury!

    Remember in the beginning, I promised you a way to get into industry and get patients from large businesses in your area - well Bob Kryzak, the record-breaking Safety Director I mentioned a minute ago, has finally made it possible.

    Let me start from the beginning.  Like all safety directors and human resource managers, it was Bob's job to make sure that employees don't get hurt on the job, and if they do get injured, then to ensure that they fully recover as soon as possible, with minimal medical expense to the company, and while ensuring that they don't suffer from the same injury in the future.

    Well, his company had some serious problems with this.  And so Bob was able to utilize chiropractic care for those employees suffering from back-pain and carpal tunnel.

    Of course you and I know that chiropractic care is one of the most effective treatments for back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, and the results spoke for themselves.  The number of injuries dropped dramatically, and those who did suffer from injuries were able to return to work a lot faster.

    Now, here's the problem: you know that if you were given an opportunity to show businesses in your area how chiropractic care can help their employees and ultimately their bottom line, then your practice would be full of high quality work-comp patients.  Of course that's easier said than done.

Until Now!

    Bob was so floored with what chiropractic could do that he made it his mission to let all his fellow safety directors and human resource managers know all the benefits of chiropractic care... and how chiropractic could help their companies AND injured workers as well.

    And this is the key for you to get all the work-injury patients you can handle.  Bob has put together a 6-minute business-card sized Video CD (that can be played on almost any computer) detailing all the success that the Fortune 500 company he worked for enjoyed by utilizing chiropractic care for hurt employees.

    In the video Bob talks to the safety directors and human resources managers exactly on their level.  He tells them how utilizing chiropractic care helped his employees get better faster, prevent recurring injuries, and decreased the total amount spent on health care.  Basically it's everything that a safety director wants and needs to hear, but communicated to them on their terms and on their level.

    It's just one safety director's story to another safety director.  This is what makes the message in the video so powerful.  A Safety Director is raving about the benefits of chiropractic care!

  And to truly make this video as powerful as possible, I used my expertise in marketing and copy-writing to create the ultimate letter to be included with the video, as well as follow up letters, scripts, and a complete marketing program designed to get you into businesses and their injured employees.

    And the great thing here is once you've implemented this program, you will have a continual supply of new patients for years to come.  Think about it.  It only takes a couple of large businesses sending you their injured employees for you to have a perpetual stream of patients - with little further work on your part.

Here's How to Get Started...

    The investment for this program is only $967 plus $46.50 shipping (and if cash-flow is a bit tight right now, you can break the payments over three months... read the order form for more info), which includes 25 starter copies of the 6-minute business card-sized Video CDs, a letter to be sent out to businesses along with the video, and a complete marketing program detailing how to use this video to build your practice.  This includes everything from how to locate companies to send the videos to, whom in the companies to send the video to, follow up letters, telephone scripts for calling these people, and much more.

    You'll also receive a reproduction certificate, so you can reproduce as many of the business card-sized Video CDs as you want and send them to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of companies - and build your practice even larger.  The only limitation is that you can't sell or transfer the videos, or the reproduction rights to the video, to another person.  They are only yours, and are for you to generate the successful practice you've always dreamt of!

    Think about it this way, in the past, additional videos were sold to a select number of chiropractors for as much as $50 a piece, but with the reproduction rights to this video, you can get them duplicated for less than a $2 a piece!  Talk about an unbelievable cost-effective method to build your practice!

    To order, and start getting work-comp patients from businesses in your area,
click here or call me today at 1-800-250-2655.

100% Money Back Guarantee

    This video is incredible, and I know for a fact that you will not be disappointed.  However, if for any reason you decide that it's not for you, you can just return it within 45 days and every penny you paid will be refunded to you immediately!

Order Within the Next 7 Days, and Receive these Special Gifts...

Special Gift #1: 25 Additional Business Card-Sized Video CDs AND Personalized Labels:  Place your order within the next 7 days, and in addition to the 25 video starter package, you will receive an additional 25 free videos, plus customized labels for all the videos with your name, address, and phone number pre-printed!  ($184 Value)

Special Gift #2: CD-ROM with All the Marketing Pieces: To make it even easier to work with this program, I've put all the letters and marketing pieces on both a Windows/Mac CD-ROM and in a printed manual.  That way you can just load your word processor, make a few minor changes, and print the letters - no retyping necessary! ($96 Value)

Special Gift #3: Two VHS Video Tapes: From our experience we've found that the business card-sized CD is the most powerful and effective way of delivering Bob's six-minute video.  However, there may be times when it's convenient to watch the video on your TV, and that's why we've included two VHS copies.  ($114 Value)

Special Gift #4: Reproduction Certificate: Imagine duplicating 10s, 100s, even 1,000s of these Video CDs and mailing them to businesses all over your community - you'll exponentially increase your success rate!  That's why you also receive a Certificate authorizing you to make as many duplicates of these CDs as you want for your own use (plus you'll find out where you can get them reproduced easily and inexpensively)! ($866 Value)

    Look, if you've been thinking of ways to get into industry and get them to send you their injured employees, I guarantee you won't find a more effective method.

    So right now, go to our
online order form or pick up the phone and call me at 1-800-250-2655 to place your order.  Just remember, place your order within the next 7 days to receive the additional free bonuses!

        Your Friend,

        George A. Youssef
        President, Chiropractic Marketing Success

P.S.  If you want to fill your practice with workers-comp patients, then there is no easier way than with the "Industry Kit" marketing program.  To place your order, just
click here or call me at 1-800-250-2655.

P.P.S.  Don't forget, if you order this powerful program within the next 7 days you'll also receive the special free gifts I mentioned earlier.  So
place your order today!
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